Denomination: Preventive and rapid diagnostic tools for effective action in infections by multi-resistant organisms.

Reference: PTQ2021-011895

Start Date: 10/26/2022

End Date: 10/25/2025

Call: Torres Quevedo Grant and grant for the training of doctors in companies “Industrial Doctorates” of the State Program to Develop, Attract and Retain Talent, within the framework of the State Plan for Scientific, Technical and Innovation Research 2021-2023.

Trainee Researcher: LONG, JOSHUA

This Industrial PhD project seeks to achieve the following Objectives:

1. Evaluate the technical and operational feasibility, in the development of products and/or services based mainly on RT-PCR technologies to be applied in the field of preventive detection of multi-resistant bacteria and the characterization of the functionalities necessary for them to comply with the main requirements demanded in the clinical field.

2. Develop the first own RT-PCR products in this field of detection of resistance genes that can be launched on the international market and that are needed to offer services/products in the field of preventive detection of multi-resistant bacteria.

3. Evaluate the technical and operational feasibility of a point-of-care prototype for the rapid diagnosis of bacteria based on the nanophotonic technologies of the PHITBAC consortium as an IVD system.

4. Expand Biomedal’s product lines and technology that can be used to control multi-resistant and/or gastrointestinal infections, a field in which Biomedal and Dr. Long have the greatest number of contacts and knowledge.