HygienaBiomedal Food Safety Products, the range of products for food safety by Biomedal, has been acquired by the North American company Hygiena, dedicated to the commercialization of systems of hygiene control and innovative rapid tests for the food industry. With this acquisition, the American firm adds more than 20 allergen detection tests to its extensive product catalog for this sector. They include the family of Products GlutenTox ® for the detection of gluten, AlerTox ®, for the detection of other food allergens, Oleotest, for the control of frying oils, and the water test 5-in-1 Water.

This operation creates the Spanish subsidiary of Hygiena, called Hygiena Diagnostica España, which joins the international company with distributors in more than 100 countries around the world and based in California. The company will be based in the province of Seville where, added to production and marketing of products, it will carry out R&D projects for the sector.

GlutenTox and AlerTox families are the results of different R&D projects. For its development, Biomedal counted on the co-financing of Technological Corporation of Andalusia (CTA), a private foundation that promotes the innovation in this area.

Biomedal will continue to offer its food analytical services for the Industry and advanced services for R&D labs as well as products from iVYDAL in vitro Diagnostics, enhancing its resources to develop its activities due to the increase in staff.