The Central Hospital of Asturias has published a scientific article whose main objective is to analyze the adherence to the Gluten-Free Diet (GFD) in celiac patients. This clinical study has been carried out by the determination of Gluten Immunogenic Peptides (GIP) in feces and the completion of a dietary questionnaire.

During the investigation, a sample of 80 patients diagnosed with Celiac Disease (CD) was taken, who had followed for at least one year the GFD.

The iVYCHECK GIP Stool immunochromatographic method designed by Biomedal was used for the analysis. This test detects in a very specific and sensitive way the most toxic fraction of gluten, guaranteeing that there is gluten consumption. Additionally, a dietary questionnaire was performed on all patients subject to the study.

Within the group of patients who showed to have good adherence to the GFD according to the dietary questionnaire (69 people), 3 of them were positive in GIP. Another conclusion reached was that 83% of patients with positive in GIP were negative in anti- tissue transglutaminase antibodies. The latter suggests that GIP tests detect transgressions that go unnoticed in serological tests. Finally, those patients who had positive GIP results on average were 5 years older and had been following the GFD for an additional 52 months.


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