Last Friday, February 3, an information session organized by Biomedal for celiac patients diagnosed within the CELISÍN study took place at the Instituto Hispalense de Pediatría (IHP). The objective of this study was to demonstrate the clinical utility of rapid tests for the early detection of Celiac Disease in primary care, as well as to determine the prevalence of this disease in the child and adolescent population (2–18 years).

Thanks to the test used, CeliacDetect, a quick and simple test for the detection of IgA anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies, 11 of 638 participants have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This tool has made it possible to speed up diagnosis and improve the quality of life of patients. diagnosed volunteers.

The purpose of the information session was for newly diagnosed celiac patients to have a global understanding of their disease; understand what celiac disease consists of, how to carry out a correct gluten-free diet, the only current treatment, and the tools and associations at your disposal to be able to execute it correctly and feel accompanied in this change of life.

This conference, organized by our fellow doctoral student Irati Mendia Azkoaga, had the collaboration and presence of Grupo IHP, Marilen Leflet Cladera and ASPROCESE.

Thank you very much to all attendees!