Given the current state of alarm, due to the COVID-19 pandemic in our country, BIOMEDAL wishes to inform all our clients about the measures we have adopted both to collaborate in reducing the epidemic and to guarantee the service we routinely provide. 

By maintaining our activity on a routine basis, we want food safety to be a strong link in the chainsupporting this situation. 

The measures adopted are based on the health authorities and prevention services recommendations, minimizing the risks for our staff, suppliers and customers. 

Therefore, the following measures have been established: 

  • An internal protocol has been drawn up for both in-office and telematic work shifts, following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, minimizing the number of people on the same work shift. 
  • Provision  protective equipment for all personnel and meticulous hygiene protocols, as indicated by current regulations and authorities. 
  • Limitation of access to the laboratory for all non-staff, establishing protocols for the reception and delivery of material to both carriers and suppliers. 
  • Increase in the stock of material to guarantee our activity in the event of any eventuality. 

All the measures adopted are based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and competent authorities, therefore, in case of variation, appropriate changes will be made to continue guaranteeing the safety and activity of the laboratory.